This I Believe

lila - Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Entered on March 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Life Goes On…

Did you ever think that if something horrible happened to you that you couldn’t live another day? I know the feeling, trust me, but life does go on.

When I was little, still pretty much a baby, my mom and biological father use to fight all the time. I never really lived with my mom when I was a baby; her closest friends took me in and raised me until I was almost two. Mom was always around but she didn’t live with me.

The reason why is because my father was a wife beater and a drug abuser, we got away, and I’m still alive because life goes on.

When I was eight my grandma, the person I’ve always loved the most, had a horrible stroke. She was paralyzed down her left side and was assured she would never walk again, still life went on. After five years of struggling to survive she went on to a better place, I was devastated and lost, I had nobody to go to, no one to talk with, and my grandpa had just gone through six by pass surgeries two weeks before. The whole family was lost, these are my mother’s parents, the only grandparents I have, so it was really scary. I worried about my mom for days, even months.

After a while we all started calming down and we went on with our lives. A few years before the loss of my grandma I was in an automobile accident, the car rolled three and a half times flying through a telephone pole and landed upside down. My sister helped me out of the upside down vehicle and we tried to make it to a lady that had seen the whole thing and stopped to help us and the power lines had fallen onto a barbed wire fence that I stepped on. That day was horrible. The driver, my sister, and I were rushed to the hospital, but we are all good and healthy and we survived the horrid accident and we barely think about it or discuss it now because life went on.

My mother and I use to have what seemed like the worst relationship ever, but now we get along so well and I love her so much because she didn’t give up on me or I on her, and life is still going on.

Now I am a seventeen year old who is going through a lot of things: drama, emotional problems, and helping others with there problems because I wish to. I deal with an ulcer in my stomach everyday but I’m alive and that’s all that matters because one day it will go away and life goes on.