This I Believe

Breanna - Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Entered on March 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Anything Can Happen

What would make a four year old stop loving Sundays? When I was younger, about four, I used to go to church. I especially loved Sundays. Sunday school was my favorite. I remember going to church on Sunday and I had a blast. I got to see all my friends and my big brother, Shawn. The day was going great.

After church I went out to the parking lot. I saw my brother and I ran up to him to give him a big bear hug. My dad came walking out of the church and Shawn’s mom saw him. The next thing I know Shawn is in the van. They quickly drove off. I didn’t think anything of it. I just thought they were in a hurry to get somewhere.

I haven’t seen my brother since then and I am now sixteen years old. I’ve always thought about him and prayed that I would get to see him again. It didn’t matter if it was just once. I just wanted to see him. Now, twelve years later, I still haven’t got that wish. I’m starting to think it is never going to happen.

About two months ago I started praying even more. I didn’t want to give up yet. I told myself he would show up and not to worry about it. About nine days ago I got a call from my aunt. She told me she had good news for me. I was just thinking it was going to be something about her job, but I was wrong.

She told me that she had found my brother, on myspace. I asked her if she was sure it was him. She said she was absolutely sure it was him. I was so excited and scared at the same time. My mind was buzzing with many different things. I thought about it and I decided to contact him. Turns out he was happy to hear from me and he wanted to see me. He invited me to lunch on the upcoming Thursday.

On Thursday, I got to the restaurant early. When he got there I got nervous and didn’t know what to talk about. Everything was rushing through my head so fast. I finally just started talking and everything went well. After lunch we hugged and said our goodbyes. That day was the best day of my life.

Since then I have been talking to him. I have finally got what I wanted. I didn’t give up on what I believed would happen. Is it really that hard to believe in something just a little bit longer? Some things just take time. I’m always telling people, “Don’t give up, anything can happen.”