This I Believe

Michael - Watertown, Massachusetts
Entered on March 12, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

After studying the major religions, I have concluded that the Buddist philosophy comes closest to describing the human condition. I lived in Thailand for a year during the Viet Nam war (which I was part of) and as a result came to believe that humans are living in two very different and distinct realities. They are variously described as; yin/yang; emotional;intellectual; spiritual/material; form/substance. This explains why any two people/groups/societies can experience the same situation in very different ways. At its extreme, this explains conflicts (both internal and external) throughout world history.

Therefore, when I say that humanity has progressed to the point where suffering and death can be eliminated, only half the population will understand my reasoning. The other half will react negatively and with great consternation. To consider this life view, please read my essay at I would like to hear only from those who react positively and agree with my beliefs that human suffering and death are now within our means to reduce and eliminate. Thank you.