This I Believe

Ronnie - Denver, Colorado
Entered on March 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

I believe in being pushed to the limit. I believe that in order to succeed in this world, in one way or another, one must be pushed outside their comfort zone.

More often than not, the individual does not have the strength or power to push his or herself out of their comfort zone on its own. We see it often in today’s society that the most substantial growth of an individual comes from an experience or experiences of getting outside his or her comfort zone. We see it in the weight room, on sports fields, and even in the common household. It is my belief that the result of this pressure is what creates growth in character, success, and overall happiness.

In my short lifetime (about 19 years), I have been pushed to the limit. As a basketball player at a very competitive high school, I had a lot of challenges to overcome. Every day my coach told me the same phrase, “Ronnie, you need to get outside of your comfort zone.” My coach implemented this phrase into every practice, pushing me to my limit, until I quit. One practice, I reached my breaking point. I swore at my coach and could barely move as I lined up for another sprint. Coach finally told me I could stop and get some water. Ever since that day I have never been the same. Through that experience I found a confidence in me that I had never known.

I believe in the power of positive pressure to inflict growth of character. I believe that this pressure is what creates the greatest rewards.