This I Believe

Kimberly - Cushing, Texas
Entered on March 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Cinderella always said, “A dream is a wish that will come true.” I believe the glass slipper will always fit and Cinderella’s prince will come rescue her. I believe kissing a frog will turn him into a handsome prince. I may not possess a magic wand or be able to grant three wishes, but I believe the discovery of Occupational Therapy, my dream job, will lead to a fantasy new beginning for me, as well as for the lives of my patients. I have uncovered the perfect occupation which I can not wait to being practicing. I believe in fairytales.

As a child, I envisioned my dream career as all children do: a magician, lion trainer, or a famous rock star. I was always told by my parents the possibilities were endless and whatever I wished I could be. Growing older, I discovered I could not turn a cupcake into a dove, lions were too intimidating, and I could not carry a tune in a bucket. The uncertainty concerning my future pushed me to look for my dream career, one where I could make a difference in the world. Students in their senior year are asked the same question, “So, what are you planning to do?” It got to the point to where I would say anything just to make people happy or get off my back about the subject. A high school physics teacher spoke one day of an OT helping his son after brain surgery and a light bulb went off. Here was a job which is currently in demand where I could assist people in excelling in life and prove the doctor wrong who said, “you will never walk again.” Helping someone to recapture the ability to walk or adapt to their environment in a new way would not only give me a sense of fulfillment but hopefully a feeling of accomplishment for the patient.

So many students today feel the need to choose their job in haste and do not take the time to think about what really makes them happy. They are pushed in a corner by teachers, parents, and assessments telling them, “this it what the test says you should be.” If they took the time to look inside themselves and ask “what are my desires?” I think people out there would feel as I do, filled with passion and devotion, about my chosen career.

It may have taken nineteen years but I discovered my dream job, a diamond in the rough, if you will. Out of millions of occupations, I have found the one that fits me like a glass slipper. One day, I believe I will assist a young woman in my workplace to walk again. She will stroll out of the door with pride in herself and maybe go on to find her prince charming. This is my dream; this is my wish; and I have faith it will come true. I believe in fairytales.