This I Believe

Lynn - Ellicott City, Maryland
Entered on March 10, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: peace

This I Believe

I believe every single human being on this planet wants to live in peace. This war we are fighting in Iraq and all past wars brings me many thoughts to ponder.

In my life time during World War II, I was a baby and too young to know my Uncles were soldiers. During Korea I was a child in elementary school and then during the Vietnam War, a young mother busy raising children without much time to be involved about what was going on over there. It wasn’t until many years later when my own daughter was deployed to Iraq that the concern and fear of war began to make an impact on me. I was consumed with watching the news and reading the papers, seeing movies, reading emails, watching videos and waiting to hear any news from her at all, sometimes fearing the worst could happen.

While this obsession overtook me I wondered how other people could be worried about anything else than what was happening in Iraq. I read where the TV show American Idol had more viewers than the news about Iraq. How could they I thought? Then I wondered because this war impacted me so personally was that the only reason I was so consumed with the war? Would I otherwise also have been in my own world thinking about my life and my next meal, or shopping trip or what to watch on TV that evening? Was my personal involvement the only reason that drew me and my every thought in what was happening over there? Why did she have to be there and not safe at home doing what other young women her age were doing and not having to fly dangerous missions over Iraq? I would see her peers so busy in their lives, and not suffering the way I was. It’s not fair!

Then a thought and a small epiphany came to me. Of course they care. Why shouldn’t other people be watching entertaining TV and being busy with their daily lives? Wouldn’t I if she weren’t there and wouldn’t she if she weren’t there? Don’t we all really want to do the everyday fun things in our lives and not think about war? It doesn’t mean we or they don’t care at all. We all care very much. It doesn’t have to mean you have to be affected personally by something to mean you care.

I believe every human person on this planet truly does care about others and wants to live their lives in the pursuit of happiness and not have to think about war or go to war to destroy and kill and plunder and lose their loved ones in a war. They want to live in peace, respect life, and each other, to help their neighbor, to make this world a better place. We may always be too busy in our lives, but never out of our deepest thoughts are we too busy to think about others or too busy to care.

Every person deep down really feels this way. This I believe.