This I Believe

Marian - Leawood, Kansas
Entered on March 10, 2007
Age Group: 65+

I believe in the healing power of dreams.

Just as my physical body heals a wound by growing new tissues without my “willing” it to happen, so my inner self is healed through the dreams which happen while I am sleeping. I cannot MAKE a physical wound heal any more than I can MAKE myself dream. I can, however, receive the healing gratefully.

I think the healing work of dreams goes on whether I remember my dreams or not. Some of the dreams I HAVE remembered have been conversations with loved ones who died before I could say “Thank you,” or “Goodbye.” Others have reassured me that troubled relationships with family membes were gradually being mended. A recurrent dream which came over a two-year period gave me courage to leave a job which was stifling my creativity, and take a new job in which I was encouraged to explore my artistic urge to compose, to perform, and to write.

Why, then, are my dreams sometimes disturbing? Scary? Painful? Once when I got a tiny thorn in my finger while working in my garden, I wanted to pull it out with tweezers, but first I had to find out which way it had gone in. The only way to do this was to rub against the thorn in different directions. When the pain was sharpest, I knew which way to pull it out so healing could happen. So does my inner self sometimes have to experience pain to enable its healing.

John Sanford has written a book called “Dreams: God’s Forgotten Language,” which affirms the power of dreams in biblical stories. These days, both believers and atheists are writing books, defending their positions on matters regarding religion. While that debate goes on loud and long, I go about quietly dreaming, experiencing for myself an inner process which I consider holy because it leads to shalom – wholeness of being. What I name this creative, healing process isn’t as important as my knowing that it is happening, that it is good for me, and that it is beyond my control.

I believe in the healing power of dreams.