This I Believe

Lena - Novato, California
Entered on March 9, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope, setbacks

I do believe in good after bad! I used to live in horrible circumstances in an orphanage without any attention, love and most important hope. Nobody believed that I am able to compete in a good school and in daily live – just because I was an orphan. I did not have any hope that there will be better for me. I tried to give up and had to stay in a hospital to stay alive. The situation seemed desperate – all I could see was the bad. But I got taught better. I found a lovely family to live with, attention and love. Now I feel very, very lucky and happy!

Just a little while ago, I had a phase of depression and sadness. But I believed in the good which will come. And that happened very soon after! I believe that it is necessary to be in hope in bad times for sure something good will come. I also think that it is wasted time to think about giving upp or thinking there will be no good anymore. I am not saying that grieving and being sad is not acceptable – yes, it is, but always keep in your mind hope that that better will come! Even if you can’t imagine what “better or good” could mean – believe and hope and you will see!