This I Believe

kimberly - Parachute, Colorado
Entered on March 9, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: disability

I believe in the purity of time. Time is all one has on this earth, how we absorb our life with this time is everything.

I was born with a hearing deficit. Yes, I’m deaf. Every day there was a challenge in my life that normal hearing people don’t even think about. Some challenges may have been anything from hearing the teacher in class, my mother calling for me or something as simple as the phone ringing. There were people who understood, accepted me and unfortunately even those who ridiculed or took advantage of my loss. They taught me kindness and cruelty. Yet through time, even to this day, I learned from all these actions and absorbed them. Purity of moments.

In my teen years I learned I was also diagnosed with a congenital fistula since birth. This is painful, disfiguring and life long enduring. I did not tell anyone of this ‘defect’ that I have, I just lived as if I were one of the other kids. Through out my teen years I again absorbed, learned and lived in the purity of time.

As an adult now, I stronger then ever live in that purity of time. At one point in my life my expectancy to live was of 10 years. My thought process was of sorrow naturally but not for long. I realized I wanted to make the best of it, be a survivor and live every moment as if it were my last.

Since then I’ve had two surgeries to help my condition. I live for my two beautiful boys, absorbing every moment I have with them. The good, the bad, the trying and most importantly the loving. I treat every relationship I have with genuine realness, I absorb every moment, prosper from it.

Everyone I come into contact with, whether it is a waitress serving me, a co worker, even my family; I try to learn something from them and teach them in the same purity of a moment. The transit of kindness is the most rewarding lesson. To put a smile on someone’s face is contagious.

Some say I am a free spirit, some think I’m crazy or even out there; others enjoy my simplicity of being who I truly am. I believe growing up with these deficits make me unique and I was blessed by them for they have taught me to live positively, kindly, non-judgmentally and purely. I have learned to accept what comes your way, good or bad. Learning, absorbing, giving all you have, sharing, loving, living and most importantly appreciating.

Even though the purity of time is different for some, my purity of time is every moment I have left in this world. Truly feeling the moment, devouring it with your soul. The nature of living deeply, freely and completely. The innocence of time. Pure and true. Nothing less, nothing more. This I believe.