This I Believe

Mohsen - lexington, Kentucky
Entered on March 8, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I belive. I believe in her generousity. The first time she welcomed me with her open arms, I felt as if I belonged to her.

When I departed the first time, I felt like an orphan,Longing to get back into her arms. Where I need no pretence to find my true self. I found love in her for the first time, and I lost love in her for the last time. I found the true meaning of joy and felt the bleeding of my heart in her bossom. I tried to separate myself from her, because the pain of her neglegance was too hard to bare,but was unable to.

They tried to tarnish her image in my eyes buy stabbing her with the blade of hatred flying into her flesh, cutting her soft skin.

Yet, she would heal faster than I could picture her true self in my mind.

I believe in her, for trying to give me love, an opportunity to life itself.

I believe in her for making me feel like one of her own

i belive in her

I believe in America