This I Believe

Liz - Alexandria, Virginia
Entered on March 8, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I believe:

I believe the sweetest smell I have ever smelled was the new baby smell of my niece as I met her for the first time when she was three months old.

I believe my most favorite smell is just before the rain drenches the earth and the dirt is just beginning to get wet.

I believe the most wonderful sound I have ever heard is that of a woman laughing. No matter why she is laughing, the important thing is that she is. And laughing uninhibited and out loud.

I believe the best taste I have ever savored is freedom of choice.

I believe the most beautiful thing I have ever seen is the flag of the United States on a snowy day, a windy day, a clear day; any day. At o dark thirty in the morning or 2400 hours at night, it is still something to behold. In the voices of the drill sergeants or the privates in the formation or the general that commands us, it is something that each one of us understands and doesn’t understand. It is just something that is when you stand in that formation.

I believe the most humble and humblest thing I have ever done in my life was to serve in Iraq.

I believe to have served in Iraq is the most honorable thing I have ever done. Not matter where we stand on this war, it was my honor to serve with these soldiers and to wear the uniform of this great Nation, for good or for bad.

I believe the women and men that have served, are serving, will serve, and even die, in the Armed Forces of the United States are the noblest people I will ever know.

I believe this country is the best we in our time will know and that we will overcome the demigods that wish to control our minds, our souls, and our votes, and thus us.

I believe we will come through these times stronger, more humble, hopefully wiser, and forever free.

This I believe.