This I Believe

Angela - Las Vegas, Nevada
Entered on March 8, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in a sound education. I motoed my life behind my parents who work as eduators. With a preochrial school background, it prepared me in preparing for my profesional career as a a college student. I had been in college for almost 19 years. I had no major focus; except, I wanted to learn. Education is the key to opening the doors to a closed mind. I have a mental disability of schizophrenia. I was born with a learning disibility that was not tested until I completed high school. Learning does not come naturally. I have to study harder than the average mind. I do not know if I am an inspieration to encourage others to stay focused in college and graduation will be promised to you. I do not know if I am the first poor black american to take almost 100 college classes. I do not know if I am the first poor black with a disability to take almost 300 credits in college with above a 2.71 GPA in college. I do not know if I am the first poor black with a disabiity to kept her faith with her family and therapist support to would expect to graduate at age 40. It takes 60 credits to get an associate degree and it takes 120 credits to get a Bachelor degree. It takes patients and hard determination and will power to overcome the obsticle of failing. A voice told me not to give up and when I have tried I would have made an accomplishment.