This I Believe

Tamy - Sterling, Colorado
Entered on March 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: environment

The World Needs Help

I believe that the world needs help. For a long time, we have been receiving signs that something is wrong. The temperature is changing, the climate is changing, and the level of the ocean is rising. These modifications are due to the global warming. Global warming is the increase of terrestrial temperature, not for a specific zone but for the entire planet.

Many people think that global warming is something for the future or that just happens in the movies, but it is not. Extreme droughts, inundations, tornados, and extreme temperature are consequences of global warming, and they are happening right now. It is a radical change, places that never suffer the consequences of tornados now have become roads for or tornado alleys. Deserts are losing their typical climate characteristics, and the oceans are destroying some islands, affecting gravely animals and humans.

The scientists believe that the world warming is caused by the fossil fuel that is used by humans and by the processes of industrial a waste that make the gases or accumulate in the atmosphere, C02 (carbon dioxide). When you heat oil, coal, or wood, carbonic gas is produced and released in the air. The CO2 that is present in our air can be compared to a simple example; if we put the planet inside of an enormous covered jar exposed to the sun, the earth would receive heat from the sun, but it would not release the heat obtained from the sun to the outside, getting hotter. When we plant trees, we create a place to store carbon dioxide in CO2. The trees remove carbon dioxide from the air and keep it in storage. This is the reason why the tropical forests are so important, because they are the Earth’s lungs.

The global temperature is supposed to increase and then bring serious consequences that will put human survival at risk. We have time to try to change this situation, it will take a long time, and it will be a complicated process. We have a lot of reasons why we need to change now, everybody needs to wake up and see that the world needs help.