This I Believe

william - warren, Michigan
Entered on March 8, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: change

“What lies in the essence of our existence?”

Not so much individually but as a people, a culture… or cultures.

These days it seems that on the fore front, we find it easy to make war and kill. We wave our banners and take life like it were a product on a grocery store shelf. Our collective values are being exercised through the barrel of a gun and through a laser site of a bomb.

We are lost and angry and scared. Watch the news and you can see, we live in an age of fear and loathing, terrorism, bird flu, deficits, west Nile and attacks from those who don’t understand us, any more than we do them.

what lies in the essence of our existence has nothing to do with the above statements, it is our ability to see those things for what they are and take steps to reduce them wherever possible.

Our lives should not be spent exercising the negative points and values that are so prevalent in today’s society. One small step from each of us can have positive effects on those around us. An understanding of what is today can help us achieve what can be tomorrow; it’s up to all of us to make those choices. and decide, to either run with the rest of the pack, or… walk tall with the kings, our intellect is our best defense against hate and ignorance. if we have the ability, then we have the power to make a change.


This I believe