This I Believe

Hugh - Vergennes, Vermont
Entered on March 8, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30


Ever struggle to find a way of living? I believe that going to college can help me choose my career, passion and life. For me, as I struggle through thinking of my career goals, going to college will give me a wide and wonderful choice of opportunities.

In the past, I have sat and daydreamed of certain careers. When I was 13, I loved cars. I dreamed that one day I would be a man who would collect and restore classic cars. That interest eventually diminished and pretty soon I had no idea what would be coming up for me in the days yet to come. Many ideas came and went that would never be of interest again. I felt that I probably would have to go to college right after high school. It was exciting.

College is something that is meant to improve peoples’ education, give them a chance in life, and be successful. Everyone is made to have a right for education. As my life seems to be dragging without much significant changes, I attend a small, simple community college where the classes are very easy to follow and they only prepare me for the real, full-time college that I wish for. I believe that the Community College of Vermont is a great way to prepare for full-time college and it gives me reliable knowledge to learn something new and fascinating.

I believe that my wandering mind will eventually find a life that can help me be a very successful person. Earning any type of degree no matter how high it is can be very important to me because as long as I have a degree in higher education, I will have a career that is both challenging and enjoyable. I believe that it can also help me earn the money for a proper living.

My current life is only the beginning of what I believe will come for me. I am coming closer and closer to the goals that I dream of. Many people have different goals that often come true and I believe that going in steps can help me eventually enter college and make a living. I am apt to be very successful after all.