This I Believe

Blais - Holmen, Wisconsin
Entered on March 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

What I have often seen as an end, I come to see as merely a new beginning. I have an eternal existence from which desires, passions, and remnants of shattered hopes and dreams come forth and are made whole. I am a voice to be heard amongst the tranquil whisper of millions. The human spirit, and its will to survive, is a voice that echoes across the earth, even as the drums of war and the lamenting of souls fills our ears.

Life is a dance with no end and no foundation, bringing the souls of the restless forth with the exquisite sound of love’s never ending ballad. It is a dance that celebrates our inherent destiny to survive.

Life is an emotion in which love and hate, compassion and anger, loneliness and fears, come together as one. Emotion fills our lives and our dreams. We long for joy. We long for love.

Life is an eternity that will bring forth the greater love of humanities subsistence, its refusal to give up. We raise our banners against seemingly insurmountable odds and reach out to one another with our arms open.

Life is a solitary continuation of the events that have taken place from the foundations of the world. Each of us feels alone and confined to our own dark corner at one time or another and we become introverted and often give in to our fears. But our fears must be faced. For how can we know the joy if we have not known the loneliness of despair?

But, from this obscurity we resonate a glorious song of who we are and our voice is known to ourselves. It is a single breath that has the profound influence to alter our perception; changing darkness into light, anguish into hope, hatred into an everlasting passion of knowing that we are one with those around us. We are one voice, one mind, and one strength. We can receive an affirmation of all things we hold dear.

This life and that beyond is real. All possibilities exist. All voices cry with the same anguish and all voices sing their joyous song.

I will not concede. I will not give in. I will not give up. Even if I fight alone, I will always fight for what I believe.

Why surrender when I can live?

I believe in life.