This I Believe

Jimma - Sterling, Colorado
Entered on March 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I Believe in Basketball

First, I believe I learned how to play basketball to get somewhere. I played basketball during my sophomore year in Abraham Lincoln High School. We practiced every day, and we played twenty-five games in the season, which ran from October to March. My position was shooting guard. Being on the team improved my skills of dribbling, shooting, and rebounding. Those skills stayed on the court, but other skills, for example, making plays had to stay with me. We had to run those plays as the team to get something out of them like scoring an easy lay-up or jumper. My experiences required me to become a great thinker on the basketball court and in other places I went to.

Becoming a great thinker allowed me to graduate from high school and also allowed me to be responsible to come to college. All my knowledge that I developed on the basketball court will transfer to achieve my goals in college to help people and to work with my dad or to get a better job in my future. In addition, my goal is to start my own business, but my success will depend on what my thinking or knowledge will allow me to achieve one day.

The experiences that I had to be a great thinker on the basketball court training started when I was in middle school and continue until now. Experiences required me to use my knowledge everywhere I went to like classes, my friends’ house, and on the basketball court. Also my experiences required me to use my knowledge in writing, on the basketball, history class, and speaking to people, and practiced every day to get my knowledge or thinking higher to reach my goals someday. Although my dream might not come true in reality, I still have to try my best to be strong to know how to use my knowledge and to be successful in my life. And to be successful on practicing my skill, and also continuing my education in life, that why I chose to come to Northeastern Junior College.