This I Believe

ann - Kansas City, Missouri
Entered on March 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Television: Replace or Fix

The colored television came about in the 1940’s, because of the incorporation of color into the broadcasting system. Broadcasts appeared throughout the 1940’s, but were slowed down by the Second World War and the Korean War. The first CBS color broadcast was on June 25, 1951. This broadcast included Ed Sullivan. By 1954, commercial color television broadcasts were being done. Since then, millions of people worldwide have had the constant problem of televisions breaking down, deteriorating. Therefore, the people have to either fix it or buy a new one. Some citizens become attached to their televisions and have them repaired when something is wrong with the television, where as there is other people who would prefer to buy a new television when something is wrong with it. I myself believe that if the television needs a minor repair, then I would get it repaired, but if the television needs a major repair then it is better of financially to get a new television. Some would argue that it costs more money to fix a television than to buy a new one. Once again, the cost of the repairs all depend on what needs to be repaired. I personally do not mind using a television that has been fixed before, because all it means is that some one has taken time out of their busy day and looked and fixed the television. Other people are not so accepting that products break. I know a person who would rather go out to a store and pay near $200.00 to watch a new television than to watch once broken television that now works perfectly fine. I have had some experience with working on televisions, so I prefer to watch a television that has been fixed by someone, rather than go and buy a new one.