This I Believe

Sarah - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Entered on March 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe that you can find your true love at any age. Love is a big part of a person’s life. It can happen at any moment in your life whether you are young or old. You can fall in love with someone when you least expect it and with someone you least expect to fall in love with. Most people expect to fall in love when they are more experience with relationship. But who needs experience at love? It should just happen, and just come natural at any moment in your life. Everyone says it a good idea to wait till you are older because you have experienced more about life and you know how love goes, also they think that the relationship will last longer. When you are young and in love people portray it as puppy love. They don’t think that younger people really know how true love is and how it feels. They don’t think that young romances won’t last a long time because you are just beginning and learning about life. I think it is better to learn about life with someone you love because they are going through the same things in their life, you both could learn about life together. People just fall in love at different times in there life. They just can’t help it. Now at the age of 17 I have found true love and I am happy that I found it at a young age. My family and friends say that I am too young to be in love. They say I need experience with more relationships to know if what I really want and need. They also say that I will find plenty of other people that I will be in love with and not to just be committed to one person. I believe that I have found my true love and that it will last because I know that my age doesn’t have to do with being in love. Age does not determine how long a relationship will last. It depends how strong the love is that you have for each other not the age. I don’t want the love to slip away just because people say I’m to young to experience love. It’s just a feeling and you can’t help it when you discover this feeling. True love should not have an age limit, it doesn’t if you are young or old. It just gets a hold of you when you least expect it.