This I Believe

Kaitlyn - West Linn, Oregon
Entered on March 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Truth: This essay is due in 5 days and I just came up with my topic today. I guess that’s something that always happens to me. I can never think of anything to write about.

Truth: Mr. Coleman says we can take anything and turn it into an essay. What is anything though? Sometimes some ideas just suck. Like Yann Martel said in the authors note of Life of Pi, “The discovery is something soul-destroying, I tell you. It leaves you with an aching hunger.” So if your ideas suck you have to make them better. But if we can’t turn our bad ideas into good ones, what does anything mean for writing a good essay?

Truth: No one can tell the 100% truth all the time. It’s just not possible. Lying is part of us. It’s a part of our own unique story. Without lying would anyone be able to accomplish anything?

Truth: This probably seems like a pointless essay right about now. Don’t worry I’m getting to my point. I promise.

Truth: Life is a story. No matter what religion you believe in, or who your friends are. Every story is different.

Truth: My own story is special to me. I’m not going to go and shout it to the world. It’s mine and no one else should have to know all about it. Sometimes I can’t even tell my best friend about something that’s puzzling me or something that’s going on between me and one of my other friends.

Truth: There are many different people in the world. My friend Kennedy and I are complete opposites. She loves any type of sport while I tend to stick to only one or two sports. I couldn’t live without Hollister or Nordstrom while Kennedy tends to shop at knock off stores. Now I’m not saying that anything that Kennedy likes or does is bad. She is different from me and I am different from her. We have our own stories that make us who we are.

Truth: I love my story. If I could change anything about my life, I don’t know if I would. Without everything I have right now my story wouldn’t be the same.

Truth: I am extremely lucky. My parents are not divorced. I have a ton of friends. I see my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins very often. And I have enough food on the table every night to keep me stuffed. But I can’t help thinking about all the people in the world who have almost the exact opposite life of me.

Truth: There are many religions in the world. Religion is a main part of my life. It is a main part of life for many kids and adults around the world. Without my religion I wouldn’t and couldn’t be half the person I am today.

Truth: I think I have made my point. Everyone’s story is different, because everything on the inside tells our story. Even though everyone is different we are all the same in some ways. Mr. Coleman asked 5th period to write a little bit about which we think is more important. Hope, love or respect. Well I think that hope is the most important; because without hope our stories wouldn’t be complete. I think that hope is what love and trust are based on. Who knows when the final chapter will start or finish. But I know that when my story ends, it will be unique because, no one is alike. Every story is different. Whether or not we want it to be. And that is nothing but the truth.

Writers note:

Truth: Why did I choose this format to write and why did I write about truth and peoples stories? Well the 100% truth is that this essay came from an idea. An idea from a book I read called Nothing but the Truth (and a few white lies). In this book a girl named Patty has to write her own truth statement. While writing her truth statement she learns more then she ever could imagine about her self. I didn’t write exactly the same type of thing that Patty did but I made this essay my own. So I guess you really can turn almost anything into an essay you just have to figure out how to say it.