This I Believe

Claire - Sandpoint, Idaho
Entered on March 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Everyone should have a hero: Someone who they can look up to and learn from. It’s nice to have someone you can trust and talk to about anything. I believe that everyone should have a hero, when you do; you don’t feel alone in the world. You have a friend no matter what. I know almost everyone looks up to some celebrity, but when I talk about a hero I mean someone who is close to you like your grandpa, grandma, brother, or even your teacher. Someone who is real and you can talk to.

My hero is my dad. I look up to him and not just because he has always been taller than me. I look up to him because I have watched him get hurt physically and mentally. He has been through a lot in his lifetime and never once quit or even thought about it. He never even quit when he sat through my oldest brother having brain surgery, twice, or my other brother running away from home for six months. He has raised my three brothers and me all by himself after going through my mom leaving him. He has never made my siblings and me feel like any of it is our fault, but made our lives the best he could. My dad has cried in front of me when he couldn’t hold it back anymore. To me that prove he is human.

I don’t know how it feels not to have a hero but it can’t be nice. I mean you don’t have any one you know you can learn up to. You don’t have anyone that will just be there for you no matter what, that would suck.

Superman and Batman may have super powers and may be able to defeat super villains. But what really proves that someone is a hero is when they can go through life and all its challenges, and still make it the best they possibly can. There are heroes all over the world such as my dad and I thank all of them for being there for those who look up to them. These heroes make our world a better place to live in.

So when you see a single mom or dad or even your grocer be kind to them. Everyone is a hero to someone and they need to be appreciated. They put out so much for those that look up to them, and anyone that can help someone by showing them how they would do something should be appreciated. Everyone should have a hero because everyone needs someone no matter what they think. If you can’t think of your hero and you don’t think you have one really think about it. Who did you learn everything you know from? Or who do you trust and want to be just like? I bet you have a hero in mind now. I sure do when I think about those questions.