This I Believe

Lauren - Sandpoint, Idaho
Entered on March 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that true friendship can save a life or two, or that it can be an anchor in your life. By saying anchor, I mean that a friend can always keep your feet on the ground. Friends are what keep the line between sanity and insanity from breaking. So my belief is that true friendships are forever.

VERY recently, I was told by one of my very best friends that she was thinking about suicide! I never in my right mind would I have thought that this thirteen year old girl had been suicidal. I always knew my friend had been unique and different than anyone else I knew, and that is why that girl is my best friend. She always told me that her life at home wasn’t the best, but I never knew that it had pushed her to express herself this way. So my friend was suicidal, what could I do? I was scared, very scared. Before she hung up, I made her promise me, promise me that she wouldn’t hurt herself that night or over the Christmas break, or at least until I knew what to do. She told me not to tell anybody, even my mom, who is a lawyer and deals with these kinds of things sometimes.

I told my mom, and she was so understanding, but I don’t think it was the lawyer-mom helping me with my dilemma. I think it was my mom to the rescue. Because it was so late, my mom said that she would call the local pediatrician, who is a close family friend, and ask her what to do from there.

I think I may be able to save my best friend’s life, but I don’t think I could have done it without my mom, so KUDOS to Mom. I also want to thank her for telling me that I had to be strong, not only for my friend, but for me too. And now I will still wake up in the morning and have my best friend!

Like I told you before, a friend might be able to save a life, maybe eve your own, someday. A friend could either push you off the swing set, or they could push you higher. Someday you might even be pushed up to the clouds! That should show you that sometimes you may not be able to make it without a close friend, so keep them close…forever.