This I Believe

Garrett - Sandpoint, Idaho
Entered on March 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

The one thing that helps me through life is poetry. It gives me a purpose in life and it helps let other people know how I feel and how I think. This is why I believe.

I started writing in the 6th grade because I was feeling gloomy. A teacher told me to write a poem and see if it helped any. It did. But what was more interesting was that the teacher was impressed by how I could express myself through words. Poetry has stuck with me ever since.

I believe in poetry because it helps me express what I am feeling that day or, that moment. It helps me express my life though words, which I can’t, do anywhere else because nothing I do really lets me express what I have to say. I think poetry also helps other people who don’t write poetry. It may influence how they think and what they do with their life. They might cry or see life in a different perspective. They do this because the poet can express the emotion that they might feel.

When I write poetry, I sometimes cry or feel depressed because I have to remember gloomy events or morbid times. It makes me feel vulnerable when I write.

This may sound like a stupid belief, because it is frowned upon in our society. I am what is considered in our society a man’s man because I play football, I wrestle, and I hunt. Most people consider this to be tough. So the fact that I write poetry is seen as girly. I hate that part. I just can’t believe that people can be ridiculed for doing something so good and personal. It all makes me want to quit and never look back again. But I don’t. There is something inside me that doesn’t want me to stop writing. Something that makes me want to keep going. I think it is the sense of self expression and defying what society says.

Poetry is important to me because someone might want to know the real me or other attributes about me which you can find though my poetry. Poetry also gives me a sense of belonging. Most of the time I get more acceptance from writing poetry than when I don’t.