This I Believe

james - chicago, Illinois
Entered on March 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Order and chaos

I believe in order and chaos, to they are the only two things hat have been constant. I believe that in this world there are always two sides to everything and all life stems from these two basic principals. Destruction breeds creation life turns to death but there has to be a balance always,. Without balance life would not function and there would be no such thing as change. Black and white, up and down, Ying and Yang, good and bad; these are the essential principals of life.

I believe how the world works can be described metaphorically; imagine the world as a computer, Karma being the C.P.U, and order and chaos being the positive and negative energy that powers the machine. Karma being the circuit board it has many different paths for the order and chaos to flow. Life being the program it contains the details of life as well as the information for procedure as in where the energy of order and chaos will go in the Karma circuit. I partially base this theory on the Einstein’s theory of relativity, energy can not be destroyed.

I don’t believe religions to be true, but I do believe in God. All the religions of the world are the same; they are all full of holes, have misleading opinions, and contradict each other and themselves. I think most would agree that every religion tells us to believe and have faith in God no matter what and do not question faith or God just do, if God wanted you to know you would know. I refuse to believe that. I will continue to pursue what I feel to be the truth, not just hope someone or something will provide for me. The bible tells us we are sheep, follow the Shepard to righteousness but how do we know we’re not being lead to a slaughter on the other side of the grassy plain?

Animals create an equilibrium with the earth through instinct. Human beings create an equilibrium with each other through intellect to create solidarity between nations and peoples. This is order but order can be corrupt thus leading to a revolution {chaos}. I believe if we can decipher the relationship between order, chaos, and karma we can build a roadmap sketch to help us determine the most probable course of events in the world, or in different words predict the future.