This I Believe

Christine - sptbg, South Carolina
Entered on March 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe in Being Responsible

Being a responsible person is very important. For me, my experience of being responsible had a bump in the road. I am responsible because I do things on my own and I am not dependant on my mother. I don’t depend on anyone because if I depend on others while I am young, when I get older I will not know how to do anything for myself. A responsible person is means paying bills, having a job, saving money, and depending on themselves.

Being responsible to me is having a job and paying bills. I have a job at Subway in Westgate. I know how to manage my money. It’s important to not spend money on shopping and wasteful things. When I get paid I have to pay my car payment, insurance, phone bill, and gas. I know not to go spend my money on non-important things because then I won’t have a car or a phone. I won’t have the things that I really need. Some people might not say that having a phone is important, but it is just incase something happens while I’m not at home. I am a responsible person because as soon as I get paid I pay my bills. I believe that it is important for my future and everyone’s future to start doing things while there young. If teens wait to long, when they get older they will struggle. In my life as soon as I turned 16 I started spending my money like crazy and didn’t think of saving it. I had gotten my first job at Wendy’s and I was supposed to be saving my money, but that didn’t happen. I didn’t like that job to much and as soon as my sister became the manager at Subway in Westgate Mall I got a job there. I started saving my money for a car and was being careful with my money. Eventually I started hanging out with an old friend and we always went shopping and always went out to eat. I had 700 dollars saved up for a down payment on a car and I spent it all. Then when I ran out of money I started all over again. I finally got a car and then when I did I lost my job there because the store had closed down. I was without a job for a month and had no money to pay for anything. I was in a struggle looking for a job. It seemed like everything went wrong when I lost my job. My car started to tear up and I had no money to fix it. I finally got a job at Subway in Dorman Center and I had to catch up on my bills. I know now that after I had that big struggle that I shouldn’t spend money wastefully. I caught back up on my bills and started saving money again. I am no longer going shopping and out to eat all the time. I wasn’t a responsible person when I first got a job, but since I am a little older I know that bills come first before anything. I am responsible now and I know with that experience I will never do things wastefully again.

Being a responsible person can mean a lot of things to someone, but for me it’s having a job, paying bills, and saving money for a rainy day. My biggest belief is being responsible. I love shopping, but I know that bills come first before anything. I had a bad experience when I was young, but since I know better it will never happen again. In conclusion, I think everyone should start being responsible while there young instead of waiting.