This I Believe

Rachael - West Lafayette, Indiana
Entered on March 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Living Life by the Boog

I firmly believe that everything I need to know in life, I have learned from the Booger. The Booger is a four-year-old Siamese cat with enough attitude for pretty much the entire universe. She’s sweet and cuddly one minute, racing around the house the next, and sometimes I can swear that she’s the devil. But from her little cat-isms, we can truly take some valuable life lessons.

First and foremost, we are entitled to the food on the table just as much as anyone else. “No” is not an acceptable answer to the Booger. If someone shoves us out of the way en route to obtaining what we desire, that should only make us more determined to find another way. It’s like the cliché that everyone has heard countless times: When one door closes, another one opens. My goals are as important to me as the next person’s are to them and being pushed off of the table or doused with water will do nothing to change that. Where there’s a will, there is most definitely a way.

Next, it is quite essential to chase imaginary things. Maybe no one else can see them, but I certainly will pursue my dreams. Even if they seem far-fetched and extraordinary, I can envision myself living them. Just as it may appear pointless to me that the Booger is running in circles around the room, from another person’s point of view I could be doing the very same thing. But as my opinion has no effect on the Booger’s antics, I will not let an outsider’s impression affect me.

However, after you have successfully completed a full day of attacking the chicken during Sunday dinner and pouncing on all of the mice that only you could see, the next logical course of action is quite obviously to take a good nap in the sun. As all cats know (Booger included), doing those things can be extremely exhausting and curling up into a ball after a nice long bath is highly rewarding. You see, it is vital to take a little time off from the everyday mayhem of life to sit back and just enjoy where you are at that moment. This is especially true for me as a college student as the constant pressure of maintaining my GPA, completing projects, and taking exams wears me down. I need and treasure those times, especially when there is a little fuzzy animal snuggled up right next to me.

The Booger has unknowingly taught me lessons I should never forget. If I follow the basic rules of cat-like living, then maybe I can achieve everything I set my mind to while staying grounded in who I am.