This I Believe

Evelyn - grandprairie, Texas
Entered on March 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I believe things based on the experiences that I have had. For example I believe that, policemen are unfair because they think they can do anything just because they are authority. I presuppose these beliefs because I have had numerous experiences that have taken me to think in this manner.

I can think of multiple reasons why policemen are unfair. One of them is that they go by the appearances. For example, once my mom was driving me to school when this Latino in an old Nissan went by us. I didn’t see him do anything wrong next thing I know the policeman that was behind him. I asked my mom to make sure that I was right if the man had done anything wrong and she agreed with me that he hadn’t. My assumption was that the policemen stop the man because he was in a old car and he probably thought that the man couldn’t afford insurance, or maybe he didn’t have a license because he was young and looked like an immigrant.

Policemen are unfair to me for another reason too, when my mom got a ticket that same day and when she didn’t do anything wrong. We were on our way to school when I heard a siren all of the sudden I was surprised because I hadn’t notice the policeman in his motorcycle behind the bushes. He stopped us and told my mom she hadn’t done the yield sign which I am sure of she did. Even the car behind us stopped but he insisted that she didn’t do it. So he gave us the ticket my mom isn’t the type of person who likes to argue so she just signed the ticket like she made a mistake. Well I didn’t feel like this was right so I tried to ask him is he was sure it was us that did the error and not the car in front of us. But besides him staying firm he answered me in a rude manner. Besides being unfair he was rude.

When we went shopping to the mall once, me and my mom were just walking around, it turned out that she had left her purse in the car so we were walking down the stairs toward the exit doors. When the alarm went off, which meant someone had stolen something from the store. The security people came running towards us. I was shocked to see them coming to us when there was this pretty superior looking girl walking out the doors by the ones we were exiting. But they came to us not to her. They were assuming, that since we just came in and got out of the store quickly, which was quiet suspicious by the way, we had stolen merchandise. Well I thought that wasn’t nice because it could have been the girl who left ahead of us; even if she looked refined it could have also been her.

From, all the situations that I’ve experienced with policemen, to me they are all equal. They go by appearances, what they believe. I believe all policemen are unjust.