This I Believe

lyndee - Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Entered on March 6, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: illness

The one value I treasure most in my life, are the people of my life. These are the people that made my values. The simple teachings of sharing, caring, trust, compassion, kindness, and faith. Some days I can’t even count the number of people in my life.

In recent years I’ve had to trust a lot, as I was given a special gift. A child who could not speak or move but was a part of society, a child who each day went off to school in a school bus, went to be with all the people of his life. I had to trust that no harm would come to him, that his needs would be cared for and that he would return home each day to our family.

I was also faced with a child at the age of 20 being diagnosed with Leukemia. Once again I was thrown into an environment I knew nothing of. I really had to trust people to keep alive, heal, and care for someone that needed more than a parent. People who worked endless hours of endless days returning him to a healthy, life again.

Life is full of happenings, great days to be celebrated, not so great days of disappointment, hurt, illness and even loss, however, I know I can Trust because of the people of my Life……