This I Believe

Magdalena - Irving, Texas
Entered on March 6, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: freedom

Irving Rios


This I Believe

I believe freedom of assembly is very important especially now a days. I think it’s very important if a group feels there is something wrong with the laws, or with the community they should do something. Just last year Hispanic people, even teens, protested and that gave them the message. If they are doing something wrong it could help if we changed it. Teens walked out of school to show them that what they are trying to do is wrong. This happened in my own school and in many others. They all assembled in a calmly fashion. One thing that I heard on the news that was true. “Don’t walk out or come to assemble if you don’t know what to say.” News casters would interview these kids and they would just say, quote “No, they just want to send us back to Mexico.” There were more reasons to the protest and that’s all they knew.

Sometimes we have to get use to the law even if we don’t like it. It was important in the 1700’s and it is still important now. If we did not have freedom of assembly I think there might still be slavery. They would have never stood up for themselves, and they would have no rights. People who were abolishers of slavery all assembled. They stood up for what they believe and that changed America. Back then and right now maybe even in the future assembly will be important. Even the protesters for the Iraqi war want Bush to bring back our troops. Little by little they are taking are rights away some way or another. I’m not saying the laws they place aren’t good but they should only do something if it gets out of hand.

I believe if people would assemble for what they believe they can accomplish anything. They can prevent bad things from happening like causing rebellion and crimes. Only a person or a group who stands up will get something. Not everything but maybe something to satisfy everyone.