This I Believe

Tia - Plover, Wisconsin
Entered on March 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

This I Believe

Where do I begin? Well, last year during spring break, my softball team and I went down for Cocoa Beach, Florida for spring training. That Thursday we scrimmaged all day, three in all. It was March Madness season, and it was J.J. Redick’s senior year at Duke University. He has never won a national title, and this was the year he and his team were going all the way.

We arrived back at the hotel after an excruciating day of games. I had missed the Duke game versus LSU that night. I rushed into my hotel room and turned on ESPN. I was sitting, waiting, and hoping that my Blue Devils made it through to the Elite 8. As I sat watching, my roommates were yelling at me to come to our team meeting before we headed to bed. I then saw the highlights of the game. My eyes started to water, and I was unable to talk. It felt like my lungs were going to collapse. I missed J.J.’s last game in his Duke career. I then hurried to the team meeting my roommates were yelling about. I couldn’t help but cry. One of the captains, Katie Maultra said to me, “Why the hell are you crying kid?” I tried to talk, but my body wouldn’t let me. I can’t begin to explain the feeling that I had that night. To this day, I am made fun of by my peers, teammates, and coaches for crying over J.J.’s last game.

I believe in J.J. Redick. He is my relief from stress, disappointment and frustration. When I am having a bad day, or I just want to relax, I watch a Duke game. J.J. got drafted into the NBA by the Orlando Magic in the summer of 2006, so I now watch Magic games, as well as Duke games. People call me a stalker, but I am far from it. I enjoy watching him play. I also think he has a great view on life, and not to mention, he is very good looking. At 6’4”, with beautiful brown hair, and his striking hazel eyes, how can’t you find him attractive?

J.J. has brought so much joy, victories, records, and hope for the Blue Devil fans. Duke has always had a great basketball program, but with J.J. Redick as shooting guard and Sheldon Williams as center, Duke was unstoppable, or so I thought. If J.J. has set so many records, and was Player of the Year two years in a row, then why do college basketball fans hate him so much? It might be because of his DUI this past summer. It could also be because people simply think he is overrated, or that he played for the most hated college basketball team in the nation, Duke. This is a question that I hope to find a reasonable explanation for sooner or later.

I believe in J.J. Redick. He is the one I look up to, he is the one who makes me content, and he is the one who gives me thrill in my life. I hope someday I will meet J.J. Redick. Not just because of his good looks, but because he is intellectual, he has great self confidence, and he realizes that thousands of people don’t like him, and that doesn’t seem to bother him a bit. I have so much respect for him.

I believe in J.J. Redick.