This I Believe

Mariano - Irving, Texas
Entered on March 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

Throughout my childhood and adolescence I’ve experienced many adventures and I’ve done many successful things. Every time I was down and about to give up on something I would come back with a victory. The challenges in life are many, and sometimes we just feel like giving up on the world. However, I believe that everyone can do anything they want, even when the world is against you. Sometimes the problem that you’re trying to solve is with a person; it may seem impossible to be with that individual but if you put yourself to it, you or the person can change.

It all started when I was one and a half years old, when my parents got a divorce. My mother had to take care of me and my sister for five years, when she found a new partner in life. He was considered my step-dad and although I don’t remember many things when I was 6, I remember that he was a nice man at the time. Everyone was happy that my mother found a boyfriend to be with. Years passed and as their relationship was getting more serious, I was getting older.

My step-dad became more serious with stuff and seemed frustrated at times. I didn’t like him at all because my mother listened to him more than me. As I was entering my adolescence years I became angrier at him because he bothered me with things that I already new. At this time I was learning to defend myself I wasn’t going to take anything from him. I couldn’t stand him; I even moved to Florida with my dad for a while but leaving my friends made me come back.

It wasn’t until last year that I realized that I was being selfish because my mother loves this person and I was making so hard for her. It was that year that I did what it was impossible to me; I said sorry. Since that day, things have gotten better and now we don’t fight as much as we use to.

From this experience I learned that if I can do something that is so hard for me, then anyone can accomplish anything.