This I Believe

Wade - Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Entered on March 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


Wouldn’t you like a way to escape the mundane world of today? With all the pressure people are under today, if they would just walk away from a bad outcome knowing that they can make up for it tomorrow, people wouldn’t be as stressed. I believe in tomorrow. I know that people could end up leaving a bad situation feeling relatively good because they were able to utilize tomorrow, yesterday.

I believe that no matter how good or bad today is going, I can go to bed and wake up with another opportunity. Tomorrow always provides a way to get through today, it always gives me something to look forward to. It can also make me appreciate the current day if I know tomorrow will be disappointing. Once the disappointing tomorrow becomes today, tomorrow comes right back again to help me get through the day.

A few weeks ago I took a Spanish test, which I actually felt pretty confident about, for once. The following morning once I took my seat and got my test handed back to me I felt disappointed, to say the least. Señor Olsen never gives easy tests but I thought that I may have had this one covered and could, for once, leave Spanish with a positive feeling. Not this time. But I did do something different. As I was walking away I decided that I would come in early tomorrow and ask him for help on the 95% of the test I didn’t understand. The following morning he was happy to show me how to fix my plentiful mistakes, and that day I did leave feeling slightly better than usual. In this situation, instead of being mad over the bad test grade, I used tomorrow as a way to get past the bad feeling and not let it drag me down the rest of the day.

Martin Luther King Jr. was able to believe in tomorrow. He stood up for integration and what he thought was right, in order to better the world of tomorrow. He didn’t want his little kids growing up in a racist, segregated world. He knew that if he fought hard today, he would be able to make a better tomorrow. Even though he was in pain while fighting his war, he kept his eye on tomorrow which was able to ease the pain. He used tomorrow to get through the harsh times in his life. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to enjoy tomorrow, but I know that many people are enjoying today because he fought for tomorrow.