This I Believe

Marykate - Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Entered on March 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

What do I believe in? I will answer that question: I believe in God. Why do I belive in God? You have to believe in something, that there is a higher power. Humans are not up to the challenge of being in charge, we have to believe that someone else is controlling things, or we will go crazy. Just ask any character in Lord of the Flies.

Do I have proof that God did anything, or that he even exists? No. But if I had proof, it would not be faith.

I do, like anyone with a belief, have evidence. My aunt died of breast cancer at a young age. It did not affect me strongly, but it affected me. One day I was standing at the bus stop to get on my middle school bus, and started thinking about her. Not for any particular reason, there was no trigger. I thought, “I wonder if she can see me.” I id what anyone does when they have a question: I asked it. Who did I ask? God, of course. I did what I always thought was just plain stupid when other people did it: I asked for a sign. A bird flew by.

My grandfather sat at the dinner table at my house one day, after a day of yard work that showed how strong he was for a seventy-nine year old. The next day, he was in the emergency room with a ruptured aneurism. I’m no doctor, but I know that the survival rate in any person with a ruptured aneurism is not hight, let alone a seventy-nine year old. He went through five surgeries in one day, and made it through. There were about twenty people in the waiting room that were on his side praying for him, myself included, and I’m pretty sure that that had something to do with why he came out of it. Two days later, his blood pressure was dangerously low and his heart was not functioning right. He went through more surgeries and we went through more fear, but in a few weeks he was on his way to recovery again.

During the summer of that year when we thought all was well, he developed an infection in his catheter, which was fused to his pacemaker-thus affecting his heart. He should have died not once, not twice, but three times. He now lives at home, walks(and drives) around, takes care of himself, and does the things that a healthy grandfather does with his grandchildren.

I asked God to let me keep my grandfather for a little bit longer, three times. It takes someone pretty powerful to actually make that happen. God is the one I prayed to and the one who heard me, and that is why I believe that he is the one that answered my prayers – therefore the reason that I believe there definitely is a God, and he is definitely there when you need him.