This I Believe

Amanda - Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Entered on March 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

There are many ideas and concepts to take hold of in the world today. There are religions, beliefs and ideas that are incorporated into our society, but where would we be without our own understanding or belief system. I believe in many things, like God for instance, but I like to say I have a deeper belief, an original one. I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Everyday I can walk out of the house, not expecting what the day will bring me, but usually anything minor or major that happens, happens for some reason. For example, one day I was leaving from work but I was held up a minute or two. Well, while on my way home there had been a severe car accident that had just happened, the police were just arriving on the scene. One of the drivers lost the use of their legs and the other was thrown from his vehicle. So, if I had come home at the time in which I was suppose to, I could have easily been the one being transported to the hospital. This could just be luck, but the odd things that happen, end up being some kind of lifesaver or have some purpose later on.

Yes, this is a silly belief and can fall along the lines of predestination, but I am not saying you cannot change what your future holds. The person decides what they will do in their life, like go to school, what to become or who to work for, if they work for anyone. There are just those tiny details, the ones like being early or late somewhere, wearing the seatbelt or forgetting something, that God helps everyone out with. Maybe it is just a bit of karma. Those who mean well and give to others receive good blessing, like the extra minutes that separate being in a wheel chair or walking into the house a little late. I guess one can call it a little bit of fate.

With all the talk of God and destiny, one cannot forget the belief in you. Independency is always a belief that someone should concentrate on. Believe what you want, achieve anything, go to great heights, be a star. Achieve what you can by yourself; do not rely too much on others since you may be let down. Although you can do things on your own, do not forget to help out others and the community, since every positive thing you do may just be that next something happening for some particular reason or it makes you feel good.

These are the tiny things that I believe. The tiny things that make each day, hold each day. They make you wonder and look upon events and life in a different perspective.