This I Believe

paul - duxbury, Massachusetts
Entered on March 6, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: freedom

Freedom beyond belief

I believe that letting go of belief is the way to freedom.

During the winter of my sixth grade I use to pray daily. The prayer went something like “Dear God, please let me believe in you. I think you’re there. How could I be here and have all this stuff: friends and brothers and sisters, ma and dad without you makin’ it. I don’t know, you kinda seem like an imagined person. I see all the animals and pets around me, plants and people and even rocks and they all seem kinda alike. Real. And then I see you hanging on a cross all bloody and bony or that statue of you wearing those goofy robes showing off the hole in your hand and hear all those unbelievable stories and it just doesn’t seem like you are really real. But I know you are, or I think you are. I’m sorry but help me believe. I want to believe, like everyone else.”

Jump-Cut to now, and I ask you to follow along and please try and remember the following: Letting go of whatever I believe by paying close attention to the present, in this very moment, moment to moment is A way beyond isolation to happiness.

Did you hear me? Were you with the words that I just said. Can you play back in your mind or can you say out loud what I asked you to remember.

I had said [digital rewind sound and playback of above “remember” sentence at an obviously faster speed.] But a memory test is not the point of this exercise. Rather the exercise is just a pointer to a practice that can profoundly adjust your life to the reality and happiness that need not be acquired. Happiness, contentment, awareness and release from suffering – freedom – is with me now, whilst I am present.

When I am present there is literally no time for suffering.

When I let go of belief and my habitual need to conceptualize and instead fully attend to the one reality that I am of, whether I am walking or driving down the road, listening to my spouse or contemplating my breath, happiness arises.

A prayer answered? Watch it!

Allow the grasping mind to release my shared delusions, with a soft focus, natrually breathing in, breathing out, breathing in, breathing out [the soft sound of breathing in through the nostrils and then breathing out through the nostrils…]