This I Believe

sean - bradey beach, New Jersey
Entered on March 5, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I fear our great nation has lost the ability to compromise,Ifeel our poloticains have lost the need for compromise.I am even more fearful that we as americans have lost the middle ground while trying to stake out a claim in the moral high-grounds.We as americans feel that only our side is right or left oyr left-center or some other combination of positional terms to numerous to recite.Is there a fear of compromise in our country?would it weaken us to find the middle ground?Do people think they are weak if they compromise.My best friend says he likes our president for his un-waivering stance on the issues,he said he likes that he won’t compromise his principals hell he says” I lke that he doesn’t compromise period”.I not sure but one doesn’t have to give up their principals to find the middle ground.Our great history is based on one compromise after another,our Constitution and Bill of Rights are great works of compromise.Principaled is one thing stubourn as another.Ibelieve that true compromise serves the greater good ,many may not see the wisdom in the begining ,right after the compromise is made ,but time tells us that no one single position is the right one entirely at first.All great unilatteral positions this country has ever taken has ended badly for so many,even at first if it serves the american good,if it does not serve the greater good it will end badly.I believe that our beliefs should play a role in all decision making,but only if all are served by our decision.We must not take an intracktable stance ,an imovable position,our a unilatteral approach to any decision .Because even with the best intentions we are not always right,sometimes we’rejust stubbourn