This I Believe

Max - Easton, Connecticut
Entered on March 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Goldie Locks

I believe in moderation. Plain, original, mediocre, average, normal, standard moderation. It is the lifeblood of solution, the fuel of compromise, the tangible, pragmatic answer to the blunders of the world. Our polarization has bred bottomless hate, sealing opportunity away from resolution. Simply put, not too much, not too little, save the world.

I do not mean to paint this bleak picture, but we have our problems. It is easiest to start small. Personally and internally, moderation has saved me from reoccurring regurgitation. I love candy and I learned at a young age that too much candy gives you a stomach ache. I do not eat that much candy today.

Moderation, on a more attractive scale saves lives. Too much alcohol can kill you. Too much gambling can erode savings. Too much skiing can hurt knees. Moderation saves lives, means, and knees. Do not ask for trouble.

On the contrary, being too conservative can feel like prison. Too little adventure can reveal midlife crisis. Too little change can result in dullness. Too little enjoyment can assign depression. Moderation saves bizarre purchases, rids boredom, and rescues minds. Do not ask for excitement.

And yes the middle is just as mundane. No, moderation does not mean purgatory. Moderation is not necessarily the middle but the right amount. It is a balance. Do not ask for radical change.

I believe in moderation because of its versatility, its adaptability, its success in everything. From political agendas, to teenage worry, to personal morality, all questions can be answered with moderation. Stress is relaxed, since moderation does not allow you to reach a breaking point. It allocates time and effort. It is the everlasting tool, but remember to use moderation in moderation, to make everything just right.