This I Believe

Jerilyn - Forest Dale, Vermont
Entered on March 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

“Go away sis,” is all I ever heard. Although I knew it was for my own good, I walked away stomping my feet anyway. When we were younger, I hated my Barbie dolls and much rather have played with my brother’s Tonka trunks. I would go outside on my own accord and start to play with the Tonka trucks along with my brother and his friends as if they wouldn’t notice me. Of course, as many times as I did this I had not learned my lesson. I’d hear “Go away sis,” and the closed fisted punch my brother would give me on my upper arm. It’s kind of funny because he’d always manage to hit the exact same spot he hit last time which made it worse and then I’d walk away stomping my feet.

After all the beatings I endured and the “Go away sis” I repetitively heard every day, I knew deep down he never meant any of it. When we grew up, (well I should say when he grew up), we would hang out and go to the arcade. Except for it wasn’t really hanging out; it was more like we were just in the same arcade together. He would go play some fighting games that obviously consisted of hitting people. This was ok with me because at least he wasn’t hitting me any more. I had found out soon enough that I was capable of hitting back. Regardless, I went and played some game that I could get tickets on so I could get candy. Of course I had to share with him which was kind of like payment for him letting me supposedly hang out with him. I didn’t mind much because it was times like those that molded our relationship to what it is today. Our relationship turned out exactly like Charlie Brown’s did with his sister Sally. I have him wrapped around my little finger now, and he never gets his way anymore. There is nothing like a brother and sister’s love for one another…this I believe.