This I Believe

virginia - Hondo, Texas
Entered on March 5, 2007
Age Group: 65+

This I believe about South Texas

Huisache is a more beautiful tree than Arizona Ash.

Retama trees just think they are trees.

We don’t have much fall color but tsunamis of bluebonnets.

The Alamo looks much bigger in the movies.

This I believe about South Texas

You are never too old to play in a warm summer rain.

Seeing a grazing herd of deer along a back road will amaze your friends from New England.

Xeriscapes are not just for droughts.

Some people keep longhorns as mighty big pets.

Even with a tomato juice bath, the smell of a skunk on a dog can last a long time

This I believe about South Texas

Not too many plants like caliche.

Picking your own peaches in Fredricksburg is a sticky way to spend the day

Blackbrush in bloom makes the air smell good.

Goin’ barefoot around mesquite trees is not a good idea.

A swim in the Frio is a cool summer treat.

Catching doodlebugs in their dusty volcanoes is an art form.

Grackles like to nest above cars.

Roping sucker fish can be done.

Grass burs must be helpful to someone somewhere.

This I believe about South Texas

Texas Public radio is one of the real bargains in the world.

Some years we get rain, some years we don’t.

Tamales from a roadside vendor taste good.

Summers are hot, winters, variable.

The beauty of the brush country takes time to grow on you.

This I believe about South Texas, if you live here you are one lucky son of a gun.