This I Believe

Eircka - Milliken, Colorado
Entered on March 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe In A Thing Called Happiness

I believe that there is some happiness in everything. Sometimes you don’t even know its there like there is happiness in your family. If you had a bad day they can sometimes make it better and make you laugh. That’s is happiness just when your happy with everything around you. Just knowing you are satisfied with that moment in time.

Happiness is when something everyone can have if they wanted it. They just have to be satisfied with a moment in time that they enjoyed. You could also have happiness by knowing that something good will happen or it’ll be better next time. They always say if you look on the bright side or go were the grass is always greener. Well they always pick the brighter or greener side because it’s better and when you pick the brighter or greener side you picking the easy way to happiness. When picking sides it usually means having an event to find the positive in it. You can easily mistake the good for the bad and the bad for the good. But just by simply at the obvious good stuff and sticking with the good stuff the event looks good and makes it happier to rember. Or it’s one of those events where there is no happiness what so ever you can easily put it behind you and move on with the good. It is easy to move on with the good because the good memories keep you moving on the good always over powers the bad.

Good thing to think about the next time it happens is like when some one passes away. Just think to your self that they could be suffering with a life of no happiness what so ever. Maybe they were satisfied with their life but they lived their life long enough to be happy. But the one every one finds easy to find happiness in is a birth in the family. It is happy because it is exciting to see a child grow up and be just as happy as you were. So you can indeed find happiness in a lot and some things were not suppose to be happy but oh well you still have the positive. With the positive you can have happiness so it’s simple to have happiness.