This I Believe

Carolina - Milliken, Colorado
Entered on March 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“This I Believe”

I believe in my dog Blackie. I believe that dogs can be loving, caring creatures. And Blackie is one of those dogs.

When I was seven, down the street was a pregnant dog who got ran over. She was ready to give birth but she was deeply damaged. The dog’s owner grabbed her and took her to the hospital. When then in the hospital the beautiful dog gave birth. Unfortunately the female mother dog died. I felt really bad for the poor pups. The dog owner didn’t know what to do so he decided to sell the dogs. My brother had enough money to adopt the cutest puppy.

I took the puppy home and I decided that his name will be Blackie. I cleaned him up but because of short notice, we didn’t have any dog food. Well my mom got warm milk and I feed it to him.

Blackie then became my best friend. Every time I feel down, he gives me a slight smile, a smile that fills my heart with joy. He pushes me out of depression and leads me into Heaven. He shows me that you have to be strong for what you believe. I know that he shows to tell me this because simply he marks his property and any dog who gets close he scares them away. Blackie also shows me that reality has responsibilities. Every day, Blackie tells me that I have to feed him, or that I need to give him a water refill. He licks my face every time he has to go to the bathroom or out side. And I also have to be responsible for his health. Of course I have to take him a shower and I also have to make sure he has all his shots. Sure it gets tiring but it is worth it.

Blackie showed also showed me that responsibility can sometimes be hard to handle. Like when he wasn’t potty trained. Every morning when me or my brother woke up to go to school, Blackie had left all his do do’s on the kitchen floor. Also, he made a huge mess down stairs by chewing up all the stuffed animals and throwing all the stuffing every where. Guess who had to clean it up? Me of Course! Also he scratched the doors, ate my favorite shirt, and drooled on my shoes! What more can that dog do? Yeah I felt like blowing up, but as I look at my dog crying for me to stop yelling, I can’t , I just can’t get mad at him. That certain look in his eyes that tells me he’s sorry. I forgive my dog. But life is part of learning new things.

I don’t treat my dog like an ordinary other dog, I treat him like a person, like a little brother I care for. One thing I am totally sure about is that I love my dog.

My dog is a professional ! He is success full at mostly any thing. My brother thinks that Blackie should be a football professional because he throws the ball and Blackie catches it! Some how Blackie knows how to fit the ball in his mouth and amazingly he runs and also knows exactly where the touchdown is. Blackie also enjoys playing soccer. He enjoys out running my brother. Blackie is obsessed on playing fetch. He loves it so much; your hand will start crying because it’s so tired.

Blackie is a great sport and understand when you lose. He is a great player but one thing I don’t like is that he never gets tiered and also we have to play with a scratch ball because all of the good of the good balls, either he chewed them up or buried them.

My dog cam also be a big handful. My kog has been taking home by the police because he has run away about six times.

Well my dog is loving and caring. I love him and care for him I will never let him go or forget him. He is a blessing from God! This I Believe.

The End!