This I Believe

Sam - Johnstown, Colorado
Entered on March 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect

I very strongly believe that all family members should treat each other with respect. There is a lot of aggressive violence between families. First, they like to intimidate each other physically. Especially to their brothers and sisters. My sister hits me for no reason. She does it a lot around her friends. Older siblings use siblings use swear words and it is a lot worse. Sometimes it starts as just fun than it turns brutal.

Next, respect also helps in many different places not just the home. This really helps in fancy restaurants and on planes. A lot of people are asked to leave because they are loud and rowdy. In public my step-brother makes fun of my sister and she attacks him while my mom is getting really mad. Then, my step-dad tries to stop it and he gets in the fight. After that it is just World War 3.

Also, a lot of the time parents have oral violence. For example when my step-dad buys something he shouldn’t have or tells my mom she looks fat in something she tries on. She gets furious at him. She acts like a starving lion. My step- dad is the prey.

Another thing is, brothers and sisters use words to intimidate each other. My sister likes to be mean in this way. She does it to my brother and I a lot. It makes us feel really bad like she hates us. It makes my mom feel sad and angry when she is yelled at. My step-dad just gets mad and yells back at the person. My family really needs to do something about that.

In addition, there are many other stresses. For me it is school and keeping my grades at straight “A”s. For the adults it is financial and money problems. Also, some people worry about their looks and popularity. Stresses can really change attitudes with people that are getting really annoying.

As a result, if we lose respect in a family divorce and being grounded, possibly, could happen. That is a dramatic case, but it has happened. Families should have a lot more respect and 3x more to their parents.