This I Believe

Rebecca - Milliken, Colorado
Entered on March 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

Girls are Just as good

I believe that girls can do the same thing that guys can do, and guys can do the same thing that girls can do. On TV lots a people say that girls aren’t good at some things but I my beliefs are different then other people.

First of all, I have heard lots of people say that girls can’t d this or girls aren’t good at this. I believe that girls can play a sport or other things. For instants I believe that girls can play basketball just as good as guys. One other is that not only guys are good all things. However sometimes it makes me made when guys say that someone I know stinks at something and that guy does not even play that something and has no clue how to play that something because she is a girl.

Also, I believe that girls can be as good as guys are at video games. Well one experience of video games with my cousin was that he and his friend was playing racing game and he would not let me play. I wanted to know why I so I asked him and he said that I would not know how to play and loose all the time .I thought that he can teach me and I’d be just fine. So I tolled him that maybe he can tech me how to play and I don’t care if I loose. Than he let me play and it ended up to be me who won and he lost. I was existed that I bet a boy at a video game that I have never played. After that he tolled me that he let me win but I knew it was not true. However his friend laughs at him and said that he could not believe that he got bet by a girl.

Next, girls can skateboard just as well as guys to. First of all I like to skateboard sometimes but, not all the time so I am not as good but close. However I know a girl that is really good at skateboarding and loves to bet boys at games. Also it is really fun to watch the guy’s faces when they see her skateboarding. So just like I said about the basketball, not only guys can ride a skateboard and are good at it. Although, it might not be a girl thing to do but it’s America Girls don’t have to wear dresses all the time anymore or stay in the house.

Finally, as you can tell there is a lot that girls can do things just as good as guys or better. What I mean is that guys should think that if a girl is wearing ear rings and jewelry they can still be good at something. For this reason guys are not the only people that are good at sports, video games, and skateboarding.