This I Believe

William - Medford, Oregon
Entered on March 5, 2007
Age Group: 65+
Themes: freedom

I believe that people are not really free. That is to say, all events occur as a result of prior events. Human actions are events and therefore must be governed by the same rules. Think about it: who does anything without a reason?

Largely raised in foster care, I emancipated myself at age 15. I was not angry ot bitter. I just wanted to escape the abuse. I got a job as a busboy and rented a room. I understood even then that everyone was doing as they were because of prior events.

Of course, I know that we all are free to choose between possible choices. However, I believe that we are not free to choose what we think is right or what we desire – these are caused by prior events. Even Hitler had his reasons – just as did Gandhi. It was just that their genes and experience differed.

Some events cause uncertain or statistical results – like a crap game. Other events cause inevitable results – like birth will eventually result in death. But who you are today (including your values, health, and desires) are predetermined by genetics and environmental experience. Even the results of dice become predictable when tossed sufficient times. There is no good luck. There is no bad luck. There are simply prior events leading to current events.

I acknowledge in advance that others will disagree with me – and they will have their reasons.