This I Believe

J R - Dallas, Texas
Entered on March 5, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

My god’s not scary, doesn’t hang out

in churches or live in heaven.

He’s neither he nor she, never had

any kids, and doesn’t hold grudges.

She doesn’t keep a list of who’s

been naughty or nice, has never

been on anybody’s side,

and doesn’t grant exclusives.

I call it “The Universe.” It’s out there.

I can see, hear, feel, smell, taste,

intuit, as well as experience it in

ways I don’t need words for.

It is as endless as knowledge,

as old as time, as big as space.

Coincidences occur. They have

purpose but are unplanned. Like

dreams, they imply what we infer.

Rational wisdom is important.

Intuitive action essential.

Friends are those whose inconsistencies

we can overlook. Enemies are people

whose contradictions we will not tolerate.

Change is scary. Fear hurts.

I am here to know, love and serve my

fellow beings and to be happy with them

on earth. Because that’s all we got.

People who enjoy what they do are richer

than those who make more money.

If it’s fun, let’s do it.

If it’s not, let’s stop.

Magic happens. If you believe in it,

it works. Intention determines morality.

Love is possible, but it needs work.

These are my truths. No one else need

own them. They are obvious to me,

and I don’t see why they’re not

to you, too. But it’s okay.