This I Believe

Jo Anna - Santa Barbara, California
Entered on March 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

Appreciate the Today and Now

I believe we will have regrets if we do not appreciate what surrounds us today. I promise myself I will cherish every moment with a person in that day. I will not waste time on petty arguments. I will never let jealousy take over. I will see the beauty in them instead of the ugly. I will look them in the eye and acknowledge their importance in my life.

I was sitting at the dinner table when I got the news. He was killed. My body was numb, and I quickly flashed back to my last moment with him. I pictured myself angry and jealous. It seemed so important at the time; by I did not remember what had me so furious. My heart suddenly sank. That was my last memory with him.

Now I know humans are not perfect. I just thought that next time I would see him things would be made better; but I never got that chance. But how I wish everyday I could erase that memory from my head. I was selfish and proud. After his death all I could remember were the things I did not say to him. He was such an inspiration to me, yet I never told him. He had a heart full of love, yet all I did was bash it.

From the terrible day on, I made the vow. Today is all I am sure of; tomorrow may never come. If I have something of love to say, then speak it. The pain of regret is more then bearable. It does no good to appreciate him now that he is gone. Those words had a greater value when he was alive.

I believe I should never say goodbye in anger. I will embrace the person who surrounds me in that moment. I feel lucky that I have this new way of thinking. Today is the day to say it all. I will never experience that regret again. I have the control to appreciate the day. This I believe.