This I Believe

Guyla - saint louis, Missouri
Entered on March 3, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I Believe

I Believe In Having A Cat As A Pet…Or Two

You can call me the cat lady if you want too, I don’t mind. I don’t know for sure why I like cats so much, but for some reason I have always had at cat as a pet. I guess its because they are so cute, or the unconditional love, or maybe its because I like the way they followed me around the house.

I currently have two male cats Einstein and Bobbie. Both cats have no tails because they are Minx’s. Einstein is younger he is 3 years old, he has gray longhair, and Bobbie is 6-years-old, has orange shorthair, and has six toes on his front paws. Both kitties have unique different personalities.

Einstein is a beautiful cat, but he can act a little prissy. He does not like to be held, and if you try to pet him he insists that he thoroughly sniffs your hands to make sure their clean. When you do get to pet him he loves it. One of his favorite things is to be brushed and he loves to eat.

Bobbie is not as pretty as Einstein, but he is hilarious. My friends think that Bobbie is the best cat in the world and I do too. They like to call him crazy legs because loves to sit beside me on the couch or on the floor on his rear like a human with his legs sticking straight out and a fat role hanging over his belly. He has even appeared on Americas Funniest Animals for his crazy posture. I don’t know why he sits that way, but I laugh every time I see it. You would think that after so many years sitting that way he would have a bad back?

Most of day both cats spend their time sitting in the sunroom of the house starring out the big windows that stretch from the ceiling to the ground. It’s funny to watch them drool and accidentally run into the glass trying to chase the squirrels and birds in the back yard. I hung a bird feeder outside the window so they could get a closer view of the birds.

At night when I go to bed both kitties follow me because for some reason they go to bed when I go to bed. Einstein lies on top of the dresser or in the dresser drawer and Bobbie lies by my feet. Sometimes Bobbie lies by my head and puts his paw on my check of my face when I’m trying to go to sleep. It seems like he just wants to touch me…

No matter what happens in my life I canalways count on my kitties being there for me when I get home and making me laugh.

This why I believe in having a cat as a pet.