This I Believe

Renee - Kettering, Ohio
Entered on March 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that poverty is something that we all can help. If everyone would just take sometime and help out just a little it would make a world of difference. All it takes to change something is a little motivation. I believe that if people in the community would understand what is going on in the community then they would donate money or clothes or even time to help those in poverty. I also believe that if the media would talk more about how to help people in poverty then people would realize that is it something that can be helped. I think that people think it’s something that they can not help and only the people in poverty can help themselves. If the media gets the word out there that there is things that people can do to help then I believe that people will actually start to help.

The movie “Homeless to Harvard” has inspired me to help people understand what it is to be in poverty and how to help. Throughout this movie I realized that there is things that people can do to help people especially children in poverty. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone especially if they want to learn more about poverty. This movie not only got my thinking about people in poverty but it has personally made me want to help people and I have since been involved as much as I can to help those people. I believe it is now my turn to educate others in how to help. So get out there and do whatever you can to help those in need.