This I Believe

R. - Iuka, Mississippi
Entered on March 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

“’This I believe,’ is such a broad topic!” That is what I thought before attempting this challenge. However, I am sure I can boil it down to just a few elements. I believe in God, self and service.

God has always been a force that I have believed in. If you take him out of my life, I would not have a lot of the key characteristics I have as part of my personality. My relationship with God guides the way I treat others, make decisions, and treat myself. My love, patience, kindness, endurance and modesty all are part of me because of my relationship with the Creator.

Self has not always been something I believed in too strongly until the past few months. However I have overcome that barrier, and now believe that I am worthwhile and important to the world. This, I believe, is the key to my confidence. I also think that everyone must value themselves completely before they are able to value others properly.

Service is something that I have believed in most of my life. Service to others is the key to my feeling alive and worthwhile! Without making others happy, I believe I cannot be completely happy. Being able to know that someone else’s life is better because of any small thing I have done is something I treasure!

I believe I could not be the same person without each of these elements in my life. I believe that God created me in his own image. That belief makes me value myself properly because of my great faith and respect of him. I also believe that God has led me to dedicate my life to serving others as I am able, and that is what makes me truly happy in life.