This I Believe

Alex - Glen Allen, Virginia
Entered on March 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

As a fifteen-year-old in high school, life seems to be easy at times, but even more difficult at the most important times. I believe that being a recovering drug addict at such a young age can be a good thing. I have at least another sixty years to get my act together before I eventually move out of time.

In junior high I had already become addicted to marijuana and prescription narcotics, and for whatever reason I couldn’t seem to get off of them. Psychiatrists have told me that I was born with an addictive personality due to the fact that both my parents are recovering alcoholics and addicts. That, I don’t believe because I think that the majority of students in high school have the capability of becoming addicted to a drug or a feeling.

In my recent sobriety I’ve found that the desire to stay sober is all up to me. The people that I’ve envied for so long because of their many years of being sober have agreed that there is no convincing someone that drugs are addictive. Everyone has to find out for themselves because the typical person, or teen, is stubborn.

One has to believe in himself before believing that he can achieve anything. Even if that means making the baseball team, standing up to a bully, passing a test, or cleaning up their unmanageable lives. This, I believe.